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Mobile App Development Training Lagos Nigeria

react native mobile app training in Lagos



Build a career in mobile application development. Learn how to build a mobile app that works across platforms such as Android and iOS.

React Native is among the most popular frameworks for building native mobile applications. It combines React and JavaScript technologies and allows developers to build applications across platforms paving the way for more seamless interaction between teams.

Our comprehensive React Native classes have been designed to give you the maximum learning benefit. The React Native course is conducted by trainers who have years of industry experience.


  • Opportunity to get hired by multinational companies
  • Opportunity to increase your earning after the training
  • Certificate for every participant
  • 100% practical class
  • Experienced and competent facilitators

On completing the course, you will learn:

  • How to build React Native apps
  • Master the React Native environment
  • Learn to make reusable components
  • Build attractive mobile apps
  • Publish your apps on Apple and Google Play Store

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Mobile App development
Overview of different native and hybrid platforms
Introduction to React Native
Difference between a web app and mobile app

Module 2: Installation and setup
Installing React Native
Installing Expo
Running your app on a mobile device

Module 3: React Native Components
Designing a mobile app layout 
Displaying text
Accepting user input
Adding images to your app
Making components interactive
Displaying data in an app with a list

Module 4: Styling
Inline Styles
Using style objects with Stylesheet
Using scrollView
Positioning components with flexbox

Module 5: React Native APIs
Using fetch to retrieve data
Adding animations
other native APIs

Module 6: Navigation
Drawer Navigation
Tab Navigation
Stack navigation

Module 7: Student Project

Module 7: Deployment
Preparing the app assets
Deploying to Play Store


Crash course: 1 week 

Duration: 1 month (3 days per week)

Weekend class: 2 months (Saturdays) 

Venue: Nikky Africana, 1st Floor, 70c, Allen Avenue, Opp UBA, First Bank Bus Stop, Allen, Ikeja

Fee: N150,000