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Q: What social-media techniques can startups integrate into their selling strategies?

A: This is really a fantastic question because it highlights a remarkable change in the way people interact with each other and with the businesses they love. Just a few years ago, a small business would be content to have a pretty website, a frictionless checkout experience and a solid handle on search-engine optimization and marketing.

This worked because it matched with the way people shopped and bought. While they may have experienced discovery elsewhere, they always began a shopping journey with intent.

The above are all still incredibly powerful tools, and are in fact table stakes for a competent ecommerce presence. What has changed, however, is that people now spend significant portions of their time on and within social networks built around their interests and relationships. As a result, the buying process has moved from one driven largely by a desire to find something to one that is more based on customers coming across things within the experience they’ve already created for themselves. In a nutshell, intent and discovery are woven more closely together. The challenge is to be there with those customers when it counts.


Many individuals and businesses, especially start-ups, pay little or no attention to the performance and result of their website.

They feel I have a website running, that is all. No wonder, many do not even bother to renew when it expire. You need to know that your website is a major part of your business. It should be given same attention you give to other areas such as cash-flow.

1. Your website should simplify your business process
If your website is not doing this, you need to reconsider why it was set up
Most questions frequently asked about your business can be added to your FAQ page to minimize the number of calls to answer the same question again and again

2. Be found
If I google about what you do in search engine, which position will you rank?
If you do not rank among first or second page, then you are missing lots of money
Invest in Search engine optimization, it worth the effort


Small businesses can use social media to boost sales and gain attention from potential customers. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses make mistakes when trying to harness the power of social media. Some of those are rookie mistakes that are easy to avoid, if you just are conscious of them and work to handle them differently.

Below are 5 of the biggest small business social media mistakes to avoid.
1. Trying to Do Too Much
Using social media well takes a lot of time. That’s a resource that small businesses rarely have. It’s usually best to focus on doing one or two things well instead of using every social media platform available to you.
Instead of doing a bad job on five social media platforms, focus on one that you already know how to use. If you have time later, you can always decide to branch out.